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what does yoga do for your body physically

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Imagine 10,000 years ago …

You awaken the smell of the earth when the sun warms and the dew begins to evaporate. Its simple portable housing provides protection from the elements. Your trunk rises at dawn; Children run around and play. You know everyone in your tribe and everyone knows you.

When later this day the game returns from search to be cooked, it is shared by all. When the sun goes down, a fire is created and it is observed that the wood becomes heat, light and ashes. The smoke rises to the sky, where the stars are so clear due to the lack of ambient light that they can recognize constellations like old friends. When it is time to sleep, the dream easily reaches a body in harmony with the rest of nature.

When the trunk moves, you look back and all that remains of your presence is the folded herbs, where your lodgings were, and a campfire. In a few weeks this will become invisible.

The idea of ​​”having relationships with other people in your tribe” is not a concept anyone understands. You’ve known these people all your life. Some people like you more than others, but you can not enter and leave the relationship you have with them. Literally are your relationships, like animals and plants.

The children around them are everyone’s responsibility and they learn other skills from others in their tribe while they move freely.

This is a gift economy. Currency does not exist, and the natural response to the fullness of life on earth is one of gratitude. No one has the idea that human life should try to prolong or that youth is better than maturity. The spirits of humans and animals inhabit the earth.


The previous scenario may sound utopian. This is to a large extent due to the projection and some fairly unscientific studies of Europeans of the 19th century that led us to believe that the lives of our ancestors were “brutal and short”. This was not the case.

It was not that our ancestors were less healthy than we are today. With a varied diet “organic”, sugar in each of its forms is quite hard to achieve, and go thousands of miles a day, our predecessors were generally fit, healthy and competent in a variety of skills.

The deep integration of our nomad ancestors with the natural world has made it possible to recognize the continuity of all things as their first nature.