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How to – Master Split-Stance Box Jumps

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BETWEEN plyometric movements, cash jumps are favorites. They develop explosive power, cardiovascular capacity and balance. Runners can get even more out of the movement with a second box.

“The split position box breaks come from the exploration of speed mechanics,” says Ashton Roberts, founder of AR Performance Training in Pasadena, CA. It recreates and isolates the thrust and landing that occur during the race, allowing you to better understand how your legs are tracked during the entire movement of the race, which is called proprioception.

On top of that, it is a solid movement. The jump is based on buttocks and hips, and the landing is all fourfold. Challenge your strength, balance and stability with the heavy row of Bird-Dog.

Before using boxes, practice moving on the floor. Squat down, then explode, landing in a divided position. Then, add a 6-inch box in front of you, the front foot landing on it, the rear foot on the floor.

Finally, try the version seen here. Install 2 boxes, one 20-inch and one 12-inch, separated by 2 feet. Stand between them. Squat down, then explode, landing in the boxes in a split position, one foot in each box. Most of its weight is in the front foot, in the high box, while the rear foot acts to balance it. Try 2 or 3 sets of 6 to 10 jumps on each side.